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Winter Box Collection

Mini Banana Bread Loaf

Our gluten-free, nut free chocolate banana bread is perfectly moist and a great energy snack!

From Dhs. 76.00
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Treats & Chill Box

❄️Enjoy our Treats and chill box that’s perfect for cosy night-ins or to take on your next dessert trip!

🍋🍫Flavors vary from hot chocolate cookies to chai frosted banana bread to lemon-frosted cake bites!

All free from gluten, dairy, eggs and refined sugars.


Chai frosted banana bread bites 

1 White chocolate chip pistachio cookies

2 Mexican hot chocolate cookies

2 Lemon frosted cake bites 

2 Gingerbread men 

1 chunky walnut chocolate chip cookie

2 mini chocolate brownies 

2 mini  pistachio digestive cookies


Dhs. 175.00