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A New Kind of Healthy Dessert

Gluten Free, Vegan, Tummy Friendly


Customer Reviews

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"I can't express about this pecan pie cookie , but I guess it suites people born in Fall being a Scorpio. The taste is beyond of what I expected from this cookie. It became one of my favorites cookies and I can't stop ordering it when I place an order. An amazing cookie wishing it to exist all the time through my entire life. Honestly, very delicious and Pecan is one of my favorites nuts."
“So I iust received my first order less than 5 minutes ago and I can't stop eating the treats. Seriously. Insaaaanely yummy. Thank you for making my tummy happy and being the best part of my day and thank you for putting so much love into what you do❤️”
“🫠🫠thank you for creating such delicious treats!!! I LOVED the cookies ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍So good”
“Mashallah I don't eat sweet and actually i don't like sweet but what u do different🤤👏🏽”
“Thank you for creating something so delicious & yet so gentle on the gut been helping me a lot”
“Maithaaa 😩😩😩
I just received my order, OMG the brownie layered cookie😭😭😭
Your treats never disappoint!! Am hiding the sticky date muffin for tmw 🤣🤣not to eat
everything in one go haha”
“I love having your cookies, give me energy for gym! Especially the ones that have the date centered in the middle and the protein tahini cookies! “

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All Desserts Free from Top Allergens

Gluten Free
Gluten free

Vegan Free

Egg & dairy free

Refined Sugar free
Refined sugar free

Yeast Free
Yeast Free

Soy Free
Soy Free

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Ingredients Transparency

We handpick high-quality ingredients that make you feel good and support your gut health

We want to show you that natural wholesome ingredients CAN taste good!

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Unrefined Chocolate

Contains a decent amount of soluble fiber, is loaded with minerals and can boost your mood.

GF Oat flour

A great source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and B vitamins


Improve digestive health and is high in Omega 3-s

Almond flour

Rich in vitamin E and magnesium and can boost energy levels

Coconut oil

Contains lauric acid, which has been shown to reduce candida, fight bacteria and create a hostile environment for viruses.

Coconut sugar

Contains iron, zinc, calcium, and inulin which is a type of dietary fiber that helps keep your gut healthy.

Hala, I’m Maitha , an Emirati Treat Creator

When I was young, I became inspired by my grandma’s passion for baking and learned her most delicious recipes.

After years of digestive issues and discomfort, I found out I was intolerant to eggs and had to stop eating all my favorite desserts which as a dessert lover, was heartbreaking to me.

As I became aware of my body's needs, I discovered that existing GF vegan desserts left me dissatisfied due to a lack of taste, texture, and creativity.

Unwilling to accept my restrictions, I decided to get back into baking and founded Maitha & Treats in my hometown, Dubai.