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Enjoy Your Snack Time with Our Wholesome Collection of Artisan, Healthy Cookies!

Nourish your cravings with our nutty selection of gluten-free, vegan cookies - handcrafted with love and unrefined goodness. These cookies are made from natural ingredients only, with not even a pinch of table sugar used. From Classic Chocolate Chip to Exotic Pecan and Buttercup, we've a cookie for every mood. Order for delivery across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates, or pick up and treat yourself!

Chewy Rich Choc. Chip


Our GF  Rich Chewy chocolate chip buttery cookies offer two different experiences!

On Day 1, enjoy a buttery, smooth texture, courtesy of our special homemade cashew butter.

By Day 2, it transforms into a soft, chewy sensation. Made with gut-friendly cassava flour and premium chocolate chips, each cookie is a bite of pure, wholesome pleasure.

Enjoy a cookie that evolves over time, consistently delivering satisfaction.

P.s you can always pop it back in the oven at 175 C for 5-6 mins to get the cripsy buttery feel

From Dhs. 30.00
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Cookie Filled with Brownie

Our soft chocolate chip cookie is centered with rich chocolate brownie.

From Dhs. 32.00
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Chunky Choc. Chip Walnut Cookies

Our chunky chocolate chip cookie with walnuts is definitely your feel good.

From Dhs. 24.00
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Choc. Chip Caramel Cookies

Our chocolate chip cookie is lightly filled with our homemade caramel.

From Dhs. 24.00
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Pecan Pie Cookies

Our cookie filled with pecan pie is soft and takes you back to fall season whenever you take a bite!

From Dhs. 32.00
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Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Our chocolate chip cookie centered with our homemade chocolate peanut butter cup.

Dhs. 56.00
Classic Choc. Chip Cookies

Our classic chocolate chip cookie is light, soft and moist.

From Dhs. 24.00
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Ma'amoul Cookies

Our Ma'amoul inspired cookie has a slightly hard shell and soft and moist texture inside. It's best eaten with some Arabic coffee gahwa or tea.

From Dhs. 14.00
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Protein Sesame Cookies

Each cookie has 5 g of protein exclusively using natural ingredients such as sesame seeds, chia seeds and almonds!

From Dhs. 40.00
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Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Our double chocolate cookie has bits of shredded coconut and an extra chewy bite when you come across the bits of dried apricot.

From Dhs. 16.00
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Fudgey Double Chocolate Lactation Cookies

Our freshly baked GF nut free double chocolate cookie is rich, chocolaty decadence intertwined with essential, breastfeeding-friendly ingredients.

 Suggestion: Eat one to two cookies about 1-2 hours before breastfeeding or pumping. 

*For lactation cookies to impact your breastmilk supply, they must be taken consistently daily. Eating them just once will not be enough to create a noticeable impact on your breastmilk supply.

*While lactation cookies may help increase your milk supply, they will not cure low supply issues on their own as your body produces breastmilk on a basis of supply and demand, the most definite way of increasing and maintaining milk supply is to nurse frequently directly, a combo, or through pumping.

From Dhs. 72.00
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