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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Maitha and Treats

Welcome Treat Tribe

My name is Maitha and I am the founder of Maitha & Treats.

My main mission is to encourage you all, aka my Treat Tribe, to “Crave a Healthy Mind”

What does it mean? I thought you’d never ask!

To Crave a Healthy Mind is to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle by saying no to diet culture and yes to healthy living!

 As somebody who overcame a Binge Eating Disorder, I promised myself that I would not take part in a culture that makes you feel “guilty” for eating something we enjoy, nor endorse using the terms "guilt-free" or "sinless" in any of my treats. In my experience, such messaging led me to constantly be on a diet and struggle to feel content with myself.

Note that I am not saying we should eat 10 doughnuts in one sitting or eat fast food every day, rather I believe the best approach in life is to enjoy life with consciousness and listen to our mind, body, and soul.

It took me years to find peace with food, but when I reached it, I felt so liberated! I will speak more about my recovery in a later post, but for now, I want YOU to make a conscious decision to enjoy the beauty of yumminess in life!

Remember if it’s not enjoyable, it’s not sustainable!

Speak soon Treat Tribe,

Maitha xx

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