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Chocolate Caramel Squares

Enjoy our chocolate caramel shortbread squares, ours is softer in texture but reflects the same experience! 

The surprise center is toasted coconut and our homemade caramel 

Dhs. 32.00
Mini Treats Box

Indulge & Nourish:

Craving a sweet treat but want to keep it healthy? Our Mini Treats Box has you covered. Packed with six types of artisanal mini treats, this box is 100% gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan—so you can nourish your cravings!

What's Inside?

  • 2 Mini Sticky Date Muffins: Packed with flavor and moisture for a satisfying bite.

  • 2 Mini Chunky Chocolate Walnut Cookies: Experience chocolate richness with walnut crunch

  • 2 Mini Cookies Filled with Brownie: Where cookie meets brownie—truly the best of both worlds.

  • 2 Mini Cinnamon Cake Bites: Some cinnamon-y goodness in every bite.

  • 2 Mini Brownies Layered with Cookie Crisp: Enjoy layers of delicious brownie and cookie crisp.

  • 2 Mini Banana Bread Slices: A classic favorite, moist and comforting

Dhs. 97.00